First, setup or link your Stripe account with ttikr® as a new creator. 

To get paid with ttikr®, creators need to setup or link a valid Stripe account. You can set up a new account or link to an existing one from within the app by tapping the monetization button and following the prompts. For questions, see our FAQ or contact support. For questions regarding Stripe account requirements and eligibility, visit

After, tap the ttikr® monetization button to check your balance or visit Stripe to manage payouts.

Once your Stripe account is setup and linked, you can tap the monetize button in your profile at any time to see your current revenue, last paid date, last paid amount, and other stats. To configure payout details, view your payout history, or edit or cancel your Stripe account, tap “Go to Stripe” to login and manage the account at the Stripe express account website.

Third, review the app policies, payout FAQs, periods, rates and thresholds to learn more. 


As a Creator on the ttikr® platform with an active, eligible and authorized account, you are entitled to periodic net payouts for revenue earned from monetized content purchased by other users on the platform. To view your monetization and payout details, open the ttikr® app and click on the profile tab, then click the monetization button in the upper corner.  From there you may see your current revenue, see past revenue, current and past payouts, next payout scheduled, email statements to your account on file, register or modify your payout account details and get support. See terms and conditions for other policies and requirements for payout eligibility. 


Creator payouts are conducted  monthly, in arrears, after revenue from in-app purchases captured in the previous revenue period is received from the mobile platform or App Store. Per the terms and conditions,  after the date of receipt of that revenue  by ttikr® from the app store(s), the Creator will be paid out net 30 from that date, if revenue exceeds the threshold (see below), to their active and authorized payment channel.  To receive payout, Creators must maintain an active, authorized and supported payment account. Failure to maintain the payout account or their general ttikr® account in good standing, per the terms and conditions, may result in delay, denial  or forfeiture of payouts and revenue.


Creators must meet a certain minimum balance threshold for payout, meaning revenue will accrue until the threshold is met before payouts can be initiated to the registered account.  As of the Effective Date, the minimum payout balance threshold  is $100 USD net per period. Any Creator revenue below that figure will accrue to future periods until the threshold is exceeded. Payouts in whole or in part, reduce the balance and the threshold limit is re-applied.  


As of the effective date, the Creator payout rate is 50% of the gross revenue per monetized content purchase. Monetization is enabled through in-app purchases, therefore the overall revenue split per purchase is as follows: 50% creator, 30% app store (Google, Apple)  and 20% ttikr® platform. Any and all additional remuneration fees and costs for payout platform processing are deducted from the Creator net portion as per the terms and conditions they have agreed to with their payment or payout provider (Stripe, PayPal, etc). Contact support for payout questions or assistance. 

Effective Date: March  09, 2024 

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