What is ttikr®?

ttikr® is a powerful but simple platform for creators to secure, control, and monetize their video content through in-app purchases, right from their mobile phone.  

How does it work?

Just download and register, pick a video from your phone, set your price and publish it on the platform. Or, share it elsewhere by link on social media, email, messaging and websites. Users tap to preview and can get instant access to the full video with a simple in-app purchase. They can also re-share videos and profile links, follow creators and navigate or search the daily feed for top videos and topics of interest.  As a creator, you can grow your channel, share it on your other social media and have fun making real money. The creator features are invite only, so click here to inquire. 

Why is ttikr® different?

This is not your typical social or content platform. There are no ads, no subscriptions, no shared revenue, credit cards or 3rd party payments. There are no comments, likes, or mysterious algorithms. There are also no screenshots, recording, mirroring, or AI access. When you share ttikr® videos over other platforms, they do not get a copy. As a creator you are in complete control of the content and the pricing. As a user, you have the freedom to pay-to-play only what you want to see, from just the creators you want to support. ttikr® is people-created quality content. And, you don’t have to be viral to be profitable. With ttikr®, you can make money on hundreds or thousands of followers, not millions and billions. 

What kind of videos can I make?

ttikr® features content creators from all genres, including movies, music, influencers, sports, comedy, vlogs, health, fitness, gamers, education and tutorials, short films, documentaries, behind-the-scenes, challenges, reviews, news, and more. You cannot publish any pornography or illegal videos, hate speech or copyrighted material you don’t own (see terms and conditions). Videos are currently between 30 seconds and 30 minutes, and you can price them between $0.29 and $0.99.  After early access, we’ll be expanding both the video length and the pricing options, as well as other digital content like music playlists, feature films, live streaming, print and more. 

How do I create or upload a video?

ttikr® is not a video editor. You choose an existing video from your photos app, one you may have already created in CapCut, iMovie, Adobe, FinalCut or other video editing app or software. Just save your finished videos to the OS photos app and you can import them from there into ttikr®. Once inside ttikr® you can set your price, create a title and caption with text links and emojis, and then save/publish it to the platform. The compression, upload and processing takes about as much time as the video itself (one minute per minute o video). When finished, the video is  published to the feed, profile and platform.. Later, you can track your videos, monetization and more in your profile, 

Where do I publish or share the videos?

Your videos are automatically published on the ttikr® platform where they will show up in the main video feed or channels, on your profile, and as also by link or search . You can also share your profile or individual videos by link almost anywhere else on the internet. Users tap the video in the feed or link and see a 10-second preview. After that, they are prompted to access the full video at the price you set, through a trusted in-app purchase on the the Apple or Google app store. It’s like micro-pay-per-view where you are your own distribution channel or network. 

How much money can I make?

Unlike subscription plans, ad platforms or shared revenue sites where you get a smaller piece of the pie, or must keep creating low-quality content to make algorithm quotas, ttikr® is simply pay-as-you-go. Users pay whatever price you set per video, like a movie ticket, from $0.29 to $0.99, and you get the net revenue from that purchase, minus app Store and platform fees. Users pay by in-app purchase, so there are no 3rd party or credit card payment details and every user on the planet with a phone and app store account can be your customer, regardless of territory, currency or technology. You net 50% of each gross sale after all fees, and you can set the prices. In addition, you are paid quickly, unlike other platforms that make you wait for months to get paid. 

How do I get paid?

After being accepted as a creator on the platform you will be invited to setup or link to a pre-existing Stripe account. This allows you to be paid an earned revenue directly through Stripe to your bank account  on a monthly basis. See our terms and conditions or contact support for more information on setting up or linking a Stripe account for payouts.  For questions or more information regarding the Stripe platform, visit www.stripe.com.

How do you protect my video content?

In addition to letting you decide what, where and who can see your videos for how long and at what price, ttikr® also protects your video content from screenshots, video capture, screen recording, mirroring and AI access. Your content will never be copied and uploaded to another platform without your permission. AI cannot download, duplicate or train on your ttikr® videos. You don’t have to fear cancellation, piracy or unauthorized use. The premium content you worked so hard to create can generate real money for you. The only rules are that the content must be legal, not in violation of the Apple and Google content and community rules, and the rights to publish it belong to you. Violation of these and other rules specified in the terms and conditions may result in the removal of video content and forfeiture of revenue. 

How do I get started?

ttikr® is currently available on the iOS and Android app stores. Anyone can be a ttikr® user to search, preview and pay-to-play videos, follow creators and re-share content. However, the ability to create and publish videos on the platform is presently by invitation only. Click here to apply to become a creator. Soon, ttikr® will be on other platforms and can host creators from around the world to secure, control, and monetize their video content. 

I have more questions, where do I get help?

If you have more questions or need help getting started with ttikr®, stay tuned to this website for more content and community assistance. In the interim, visit the support page to ask any immediate questions or just reach out. We are excited to bring you ttikr®. This is just the beginning of a powerful new movement to control and monetize content of all types, on your terms. 

Thanks for joining ttikr®!

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